Not enough hours in your day to keep up with it all?

We love it when our heating and cooling specialist calls or mails reminders for seasonal service, and it gave us an idea: why not offer something similar for our customers?

Introducing Vestergaard and Sons, Inc. Subscription Safety Service! Centers can sign up for varying levels of automatic, pre-planned maintenance and/or reminders for their existing playgrounds.

With each Certified Playground Report, we provide a folder with suggested low- and high-frequency maintenance that centers can handle themselves. Many centers, however, don't have the time or resources to devote staff to these tasks. Multi-site program directors may have staff to do the work but lack time to oversee and ensure that maintenance is being completed.

Our free quarterly e-mail newsletter includes maintenance reminders and articles about outdoor play. You can sign up to subscribe here.

We also offer a subscription seasonal maintenance service for spring and fall. Our crew will:

  • do a visual inspection for repair and maintenance issues;
  • measure and redistribute (or replenish, as needed) use-zone materials including woodchips, sand, rubber chips, pea gravel, or other loose-fill materials;
  • put up and take down shade canopies;
  • maintain equipment: lubricate moving joints, tighten bolts, check swing pivots, etc.
  • replenish sandbox sand

The price for this service is site-specific, and depends on the size and usage of your particular playground. Contact us for your customized quote...and let us handle this important item on your to-do list!

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