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The equipment on your playground is only one element of your program's success at providing safe and engaging outdoor play. The other factor is your staff. Ask yourself:

  • Do my teachers know the guidelines for safe use of the equipment on our site? Do they enforce these?
  • Do the staff tend to spend outdoor time clumping together to socialize, or are they spread out across the playground, able to see all areas where children have access?
  • Are the teachers playing with the children in ways that encourage imaginative, challenging play?
  • What kinds of routines-daily, weekly, monthly, etc. does my center have in place to ensure that children on the playground are safe?
  • Do the teachers know what to do in the event of a serious injury outdoors? What about a severe weather event or natural disaster?
  • Does the staff use your playground as an extension of the classroom, or is it merely a place for children to run and burn off steam?

Many people have heard the old sales pitch -- you spend a third of your life in bed -- invest in a good mattress! Children in early childhood centers spend (or should spend!) much of their time outdoors. Once you have invested in the physical space and equipment, it makes sense to invest training time and money to maximize the benefits of your outdoor classroom.

We offer playground training that covers supervision, safe play, and the outdoor classroom. For more information, please contact us with this basic information: number and ages of children, number of staff, and the best way to contact you.


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