Can this playground be saved?

If your existing playground is looking a little worse for the wear and you're not sure whether it would be smarter to renovate or replace it, we can help make the decision and modify, retrofit, or repair existing equipment to make it safe for continued use.

Maybe your equipment is in fine shape but it's just a little...boring. We can add features and elements that safely increase the levels of interest and challenge for the children using it.

Once you've invested in new or refurbished equipment, you'll want a strategy to ensure that the equipment, use zones, and landscaping stay in good working condition. You can hire Vestergaard and Sons, Inc. annually, seasonally, or on an as-needed basis to do the little and big maintenance items that will prolong the life of your playground. We also offer a subscription safety service to make it easy. You can read more about it here.

Make a list of your concerns and your dreams. Then contact us! We can help.


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