If you're in the market for new playground equipment, whether it's single items such as sandboxes and swingsets or you're looking for larger structures, use zones, and a total playscape, it's hard to know where to begin. Many people start shopping for new equipment by thinking about cost first. We encourage customers to start with their needs and interests, because a boring, poor quality, or unsafe playground is no bargain at all.

Cost is always a factor, of course. But it shouldn't override the quality of your new playground. Perhaps you can develop a new playground in phases, or re-purpose some of your existing equipment. Think about flexibility--structures and equipment that can be used in many different ways are a better value than equipment with a single purpose.

At Vestergaard and Sons, we understand the balancing act that directors face when planning or renovating playgrounds. We can help you think imaginatively, prioritize your needs, and shop for equipment that fits both your budget and your ideals. We work with various national manufacturers and can help you sift through the numerous possibilities of who, what, when, where, and why as you plan the playground of your dreams. Whether you hope to build it yourself or are hoping to have a turn-key installation, we can help you simplify the process and maximize your spending power. Why not take advantage of our years of expertise?

If you'd like to arrange a consultation about your playground needs, please e-mail us: info@vestergaardandsons.com. Please include the ages and number of children you serve, your basic interests, and the best way to contact you.

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