We offer Consumer Product Safety Commission and ASTM standard certified playground inspections of outdoor play environments to early childhood centers, municipal parks, and public school playgrounds.

A certification visit involves a site tour lasting from 1-4 hours, depending on the size of the program. During this visit, the inspector will complete a detailed checklist of all equipment, use zones, and outdoor areas children have access to during play. During the visit, the inspector will point out and tag any equipment or situations that have the potential to cause death or permanently disabling injuries. (In these instances, if feasible, the customer may hire the inspector to correct these hazards on the spot or at a later date. Please see the Equipment Repair and Maintenance page for more details.) At the end of the visit, the inspector will review all findings with the customer, highlight any serious concerns, and point out any minor corrections the customer can make immediately.

Within two weeks of a certification visit, the customer will receive a typed report of the inspector's findings. We will also provide a  certification folder including suggestions for annual and semi-annual maintenance, as well as a reproducible checklist for regular safety self-inspection. For customers who desire more hands-on, ongoing supervision of safety programs, we offer subscription playground maintenance service.

To ensure that playgrounds continue to meet safety certification guidelines, we recommend that programs re-certify their site every 2-5 years,* or whenever any structural or equipment components are added to the playscape. In our Certification letter, we provide a document for customers who maintain their playground as certified according to our enclosed guidelines to sign off each year that they have made no changes to equipment or use zones.

*The frequency with which playgrounds should be inspected by a certified inspector depends on the number of children and hours of use the playground gets, as well as any structural or usage changes.

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